Ben Watt - Patient (Paperback)

Ben Watt - Patient (Paperback)

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'An astonishingly assured anatomy of his ordeal, by turns terrifying, mordantly funny and intensely moving. Many people suffer the pain and indignities of intensive medical treatment; but few have written about it with quite such alarming vividness or clarity.' (Mick Brown, Daily Telegraph)

'Ben Watt's harrowing, candid account of his near death from one of the world's rarest diseases lives on in the mind - a fine testimonial to his fortitude, his powers as a writer and the NHS.' (William Boyd, Sunday Times)

'I cannot think of any book that so clearly describes the gap between sickness and health, the greatest gap that exists between human beings.' (Penny Perrick, The Times)

'A vivid account of what it's like to be terribly ill. The details of Watt's hospitalization are brilliantly recollected, and he writes with a songwriter's eye for the telling phrase.' (Robert McCrum, Observer)

'Watt is such a responsible, deft writer that you feel straightaway you're in good hands. He doesn't want your sympathy - he wants to tell you something about the world. He makes you laugh. The thing is you can read this and not feel sorry for him. That's his achievement.' (William Leith, Mail on Sunday)

'Quiet elegance and ringing epiphanic lyricism … a nearly flawless telling of his unexpected and drawn-out battle with an extremely rare - and nearly fatal - illness.' (New Yorker)

'The reader comes away with an unforgettable understanding of the transformative nature of severe illness ... few have told such a compelling life-story as skilfully as the London-born Watt.' (San Francisco Chronicle)

Shortlisted for Esquire Non-Fiction Award, UK
A Sunday Times Book Of The Year, UK
A New York Times Notable Book of The Year, US
A Village Voice Literary Supplement Favorite Book of the Year, US