Ben Watt - Hendra (Limited Edition Promo, Individually Numbered, *Signed*) (CD)

Ben Watt - Hendra (Limited Edition Promo, Individually Numbered, *Signed*) (CD)

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Original 'Hendra' pre-release promo CD in slipcase wallet. Limited edition, individually numbered. Full album plus original press release printed on reverse. Signed by Ben Watt.

Golden Ratio
Matthew Arnold's Field
The Gun
The Levels
Young Man's Game
The Heart Is A Mirror

Released April 2014

‘Stripped-down folk aesthetic couldn’t be more contemporary. What’s new is the worldview, and that is what gives Hendra its stark power.These are beautiful songs penned from mid-life.’ 8/10, Uncut

‘Folk-rock with menaces. Hendra might deal with life’s compromises but there’s no disappointment here.’ ★★★★ Mojo

‘Mature reflections on memory and loss, humour and hope.’ ★★★★ Q

‘His belated return to where he started oozes class, perhaps because his oeuvre has always existed outside fashion. The gentle mesh of flowing melody, woven instrumentation and mood of hard-earned contemplation adds up to something quite profound.’ ★★★★ Telegraph

Winner - Best 2nd Album - AIM Independent Music Awards 2014, UK
15 Great Albums You Didn’t Hear in 2104 - Rolling Stone, US
No. 2, Albums of the Year - Rolling Stone, Germany
No. 3, Albums of the Year - Music Magazine, Japan