Tracey Thorn - Songs from The Falling (10" Vinyl)

Tracey Thorn - Songs from The Falling (10" Vinyl)

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Set in a girls' school in the late sixties, The Falling (2014) is acclaimed director Carol Morley's (Dream of a Life, The Alcohol Years) atmospheric debut feature film, which garnered rave 5-star reviews in the Guardian and the Times when it premiered at the London Film Festival in September 2014. The original music soundtrack is made up of eight songs and sketches by Tracey Thorn.

Side A
Follow Me Down
It Was Always Me
Are You There?
They Only Do Harm

Side B
Little Things
All The Seasons
Let Me In

Released 2014

Running time: 17 minutes

'Thorn's melancholy music is completely captivating' 8/10 (Nick Levine, NME)

'Superb musical soundtrack' (Peter Bradshaw, Guardian)