Tracey Thorn - Love and its Opposite (CD, *Signed*)

Tracey Thorn - Love and its Opposite (CD, *Signed*)

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Oh! The Divorces
Long White Dress
Kentish Town
Why Does The Wind?
You Are A Lover
Singles Bar
Come On Home To Me
Late in the Afternoon

Released 2010

'Absolutely fantastic. A really, really brilliant record.' (Alexis Petridis, Guardian Music Podcast)

'A grown-up record that is never boring ... powerful and poignant' (Gareth Grundy, Observer)

’Thorn's voice ... brings each song to genuine life and invests it with heart-snagging emotion' ★★★★ (Guardian)

'A real grown-up gem' ★★★★ (Telegraph)

'Each song is a steath bomb of tender poignancy' ★★★★ (Independent)

'A pathos-filled electro-folk stunner' (Andy Gensler, New York Times)

'Love And Its Opposite' resides firmly in the current moment' (Ann Powers, LA Times)

'Tracey Thorn has added a fantastic album to her solo catalogue' (Sasha Frere-Jones, New Yorker)