Ben Watt - Hendra (CD)

Ben Watt - Hendra (CD)

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Golden Ratio
Matthew Arnold's Field
The Gun
The Levels
Young Man's Game
The Heart Is A Mirror

Released April 2014

‘Stripped-down folk aesthetic couldn’t be more contemporary. What’s new is the worldview, and that is what gives Hendra its stark power.These are beautiful songs penned from mid-life.’ 8/10, Uncut

‘Folk-rock with menaces. Hendra might deal with life’s compromises but there’s no disappointment here.’ ★★★★ Mojo

‘Mature reflections on memory and loss, humour and hope.’ ★★★★ Q

‘His belated return to where he started oozes class, perhaps because his oeuvre has always existed outside fashion. The gentle mesh of flowing melody, woven instrumentation and mood of hard-earned contemplation adds up to something quite profound.’ ★★★★ Telegraph

Winner - Best 2nd Album - AIM Independent Music Awards 2014, UK
15 Great Albums You Didn’t Hear in 2104 - Rolling Stone, US
No. 2, Albums of the Year - Rolling Stone, Germany
No. 3, Albums of the Year - Music Magazine, Japan